Marriage, an institution that not only brings together two individuals but communities as well. This act of holy matrimony dates back to many hundreds of years ago in times when people wished to bring together two young souls together and help continue the cycle for generations to come. Marriage is a universal culture; there may be differences from some places to others in how it’s done, its intent and purpose remains the same.

In today’s world many believe that marriage is becoming a dying art as most marriages end mostly in divorce or are losing popularity. Most of the new generation feels it’s an old custom that doesn’t blend into the norms of today calling it ‘old school thinking’. There have been many researches carried out o explain why has this culture which has been practiced for so many years, becoming obliterated at such a fast rate.

ringsThe very first assumption is that of social changes in culture along with technological innovation is a reason. For the last 100 years the world has seen the change of women rights from simple demand to vote, to demanding equal rights in many fields. Due to this some women can now economically provide for themselves and feel they no longer need men to provide for them. This shift of economics has also let women in some occasions to marry at a much later age. Some wonder how technological innovation plays a role in the institution of marriage; the internet is a good example. Experts have proven that due to the unlimited nature of options in the internet, it has taken effect on people psychologically. This generation is very indecisive in comparison to the previous ones and always feels that there is a better option somewhere else. Some believe that the internet has made people more selfish and keen on recognition from others leading to self insecurities at a high rate.

Instead of marriage, dating and cohabitation has been taking more root in the new generations’ way of life. People feel they should know the person first before they want to settle down. It is surprising as to how most cohabiting couples have more results of separations than that of marriage. The constant nature of delaying this major step results in some people feeling that they have crossed that ‘suitable age’ and it is best they spend the rest of it on their own.

Some do deliberate that perhaps divorces are becoming more frequent due to the availability of divorce in some countries than it was years ago. The change in law has made it easier for women to ask for a divorce.

Other theorists believe that the fast paced, capitalist world of today doesn’t give enough time to people to settle down as they are constantly hammered with a great of stress from work and other factors, some in the process vent it out at their spouse resulting in arguments and quarrels.

Therefore marriage may not be extinct yet, but at the current rate there is no denying its losing its hold in people’s lives.

Marriage, a Dying Art?