Over the years an individual has grown, he or she has gained a lot of experience in life, ranging from education to maintaining relationships. There comes a particular time period when they start to contemplate whether it is now time to settle down. On some occasions they wish to choose the partner themselves or they let the family decide. It is also common in some cultures that the family takes over the entire matter. Marriage is no simple decision as it appears. During childhood it may come off as a fairy tale for some people of living happily ever after with their soul mate, the reality of it is very different. You are not simply bringing in two individuals together but their entire social circle as well. There are a lot of expectations behind this from the ones being wed along with their families. Making a marriage last itself is very difficult as both must now get accustomed to one another and make a great deal of compromises for the sake of one another or in the later years their children.

Since marriage is no easy task, people ask themselves when exactly is it the best time to settle down. This debate leads to discussions about different factors that influence this decisions be it social, religious, biological and even political. Let us first break these factors down to have an easier understanding beginning with social reasons.

mixscoopWhen it comes to social reasons, marriage is known to bring together different communities together and uniting them by joining in holy matrimony. So the bond that is established is no small matter and does in fact go a long way. There have been countless stories where rivalries amongst groups have come to end because their members decided to settle down with one another.

All religions across the globe have encouraged marriage in different ways, be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and so on. They all encourage the notion of bringing two people together and settling themselves together. Some believe that there are benefits that man and woman can achieve from one another during marriage that will help them in life, such as teaching each other things they are not aware off. Religions encourage marriage because it also leads to the birth of children. This helps continue the society and the parents can learn a lot from raising children.

When assessing biological reasons, marriage much to the surprise of many does it indeed helps in some ways. Two people are giving permission to engage in sexual intercourse with one another, which provides health benefits, and as mentioned before paves way for creating children. Some theorists suggest that the healthiest times to have a child in fact is when you are young so this is probably why couples get married at an early age.

Politically based marriages may not be the norm as they were once many years ago, still at times play a role, as many friendships and alliances have been formed amongst countries simply because members of their royalty got together in holy matrimony.

Why One Must Marry